Count Andrea Passalacqua was gifted this beautiful property in the 1700’s from a papal family.  The Count hired the prominent Swiss architect, Felice Soave, to design this spectacular lake house creating one of the larger Villas on Lake Como at 30,000 square feet.  The villa has numerous works of art internally, the most significant of which are frescoes painted by Andrea Appiani.  The Count’s most famous long-term guest was Vincenzo Bellini who composed his most famous operas while at the Villa between 1829 and 1833.

Born in Milan, Andrea Appiani spent much of his career working there as Italy’s most prominent Neoclassical painter. He was Napoleon’s chief artist when the Commander had annexed north western Italy and two of Appiani’s most important frescoes reside in the Villa Passalacqua.

Born in Bedano in 1742, Giocondo Albertolli became one of the most prominent decorators in what is known today as Italy.  By the 1770s, Albertolli became a coveted prize and shuttled back and forth from Milan and Florence decorating the Palazzo Reale for the Imperial and Royal Architect in Milan and the Pitti Palace and Uffizi Gallery in Florence.  As one strolls from room to room, Albertolli’s work is evident in every small detail of the Villa Passalacqua.  Albertolli died in Milan in 1839 having defined interior design for much of Italy.

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